In the BIG picture it is really about the Small things..

This is a repost about how fast a life can flash right before your eyes..I was reading my old post and realized it has been a year...I wonder what happened to the young man in my story. Did this experience change him like it changed me? I am not a Blog Diva, have free stuff , or even post alot, but what I do post I do so hoping that it may make you think in a way you never thought of before, or just cock your head and say WHAT....

I took these pics. this morning...
Good Sat. morning ... It is amazing how fast a week can go by. What is really amazing is how many emotions we can cram into that tiny amount of time in our lives. This week has seen it lows and highs.

I could write a book just on the last week of my life , but instead I will just give you a glimpse.

First a very NOT so nice person ruined my Tues. afternoon and I learned how much my co-worker cared about me . She stood up for me and told this person things that I only wish to have said. And when those old emotions come up you think "I thought I was over this". Then I realized I am over it maybe he is not.....

Then on Thur. afternoon I was running late leaving work . I travel home on the interstate. There much to my HORROR was a young man laying in-between the right lane and exit ramp. About 15 feet away was his motorcycle in pieces.
(For those of you who really do not know me , my brother passed away due to an motorcycle accident.)
I was so lucky to be the one to hold his hand and comfort this young man until help arrived.
That night when I got home I wondered WHY ? WHY WAS I RUNNING LATE ? WHY?
My daughter with much wisdom at 19 , said " Mom , God did not do this to you... God put you there for him, to be his angel."
I thought about it for sometime and then it occured to me. For five years now I have tortured myself because I could not be there to hold my brothers hand.... so God let me hold someone elses hand. (That young man WAS my Angel) Now I can SMILE and move on from that little piece of baggage I have been carrying around. The young man thank God is home recovering .

And to end my week on a higher note I chose to take a promotion at work. I am hopeful that I have done the right thing....Anything with change is scary, but bring it on.....BEE HAPPY..MISSY


Susie Harris said...

Oh my Miss. You know how to bring me to tears. You are so right!! This whole week I felt so bad for you.Now I know that you see in in such a positive way. Wesley would have been so proud of you Sista. He was the kind to always jump in and help like that. We are blessed to have angels by our side. Now you now what it feels like to be an angel. I always knew you had it in you. I love you more than words can say, Your favorite... Sister

claudia said...

Hi Missy, Thank you for visiting me! Aren't we glad it is almost spring here in the south..?? ..I am so happy to see you have started a blog. I bet you will enjoy doing it.. And it looks like you are off to a great start! You are a wonderful photographer.. I enjoyed those pics and look forward to more, and your story moved me to tears, thanks for sharing that, it made me think of the song.. Angels among us. I was so sorry to hear about your brother though. .. Good luck with your job, your blog and all..God bless you and yours, claudia ..P.S. I like your blog name alot. I had a very special someone years ago who called me his Queen Bee!

Jen r. said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your pictures! They are so well taken. I am sorry about your brother. This was a very nice post.
Jen R

Joyce said...

Hey Suzie's Sister.....ha! Sorry I don't know your name but you are the "Queen Bee" so we will go with that. :~)
Thanks for visiting me today. Oh.....well I have to tell you in regard to "letting the kids go" oldest son has been going WORLDWIDE....since he was 16! He was traveling to England and Ireland to visit "friends" that he had met on missions trips with our church and so we let him go....all by himself. Scary. But he's been doing it ever since then. We just had to "trust and release" him.

Now, oddly, my other kids don't travel like that so it's crazy. We do miss him though greatly. He's coming back to B.R. for our youngest son's H.S. graduation this May. Our "Little Miss Priss" wants to go to school out of state when she graduates....that will be hard on us. I think we will HAVE to move to whereever she goes. HA!

So sorry that accident triggered all those emotions and memories of you all's brother. That is so sad.

Also that is hard when someone is mean to you. Sorry that happend to you at work. Some people make it their "mission" in life to be mean. Ugh. Just remember....."hurt people, hurt people" so they probably have some "issues."

Congrats on your new blog. It's fun. You will love doing it.
I look forward to chatting with you more in the days ahead!
Be blessed,

KJ said...


What a heartfelt piece! We recently lost a young friend to a motorcycle crash. He was scheduled to be married in the fall. It was devastating, but God has been so Faithful!

I don't believe that it was an accident that you were there for that young man. I have seen so many scenarios in my life where God has orchestrated something for someone that was also meant for my healing. Timing is everything and God knows just how to strategically place us into His plan!

I'm glad to hear that your co-worker stepped up to the plate for you. This reminds me of the scripture, "What the enemy intends for evil, God turns around for good."

I looked down at the comments and saw Joyce's "HA's"! I always get a BIG SMILE when I see the way she writes. She is such a kick.

I like your photos! It feels like home here.

So nice to meet you formally! Have a great day!


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

My brother was also killed in a motorcycle accident. I think your daughter was right...You were sent there....

Christy said...

Wow, what an amazing story. Everything happens for a reason, somethings not so pleasant, somethings you just cant believe you are seeing, things that you question God why you had to witness, but like you already know, you were put there, running late, all alone with him, for some reason or another, and you know that lil fella will never forget you.
I have been in them same positions, seeing very horrible things, witnessing things that were totally not meant for a child my age to see, but I have grown from that, I could have let the devil over power me and take me in a bad direction, but I opened up and let God guide me in the right direction, and he made me realize that , I was there for a reason and everything I went through was for a reason. Thank God for him guiding me, because without him, I would have mentally lost it.
You are amazing, and have a wonderful spirit, keep up the good work, and no matter how bad things get, just know in your heart that your always doing the right thing.
Love Christy, your (over the years accumulated family member). LoL!

Susie Harris said...

Enjoy that clean house of yours!!!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Has it been a year!! Have I told you today that I love you more than life itself? Well I do... and thats all that matters. Dont stay up late worrying about me..Im fine. It takes a lot to keep me down when I have a sister always there to lift me up! I love you! Susie~

Cathy said...

WOW that so touched my heart in so many ways. I am so sorry to hear about your brother! Your daughter was right you know? Thank you for writing that post and more posts to never do know just what might touch someone else. Thank you for coming by to visit!

{{Big Hugs}}


Elise said...

Oh wow, I have chills just reading that story!! I came from Susie's blog...
I hope everything will get better with your work. Things just seem to be following you and Susie around, shake them off and know you are God's favorite!!

~~Vintage Girl At Heart~~ said...

Tear here too, you are such a sweet lady and I am so happy that God put you in the right place at the right time. so sad that you lost your brother...My daughter's boyfriend got into a motocycle wreck right in front of me and I will never forget the sight of him flying through the air over and over, thankfully he recovered but I hold a terrible memory of that day in my heart. Justg lad you were there to hold a hand and give comfort.
A big yahoo on your promotion!!!
Have a Blessed Day!!

Darlene said...

A tear just slid down my cheek because you are an angel put in just the right place that day. I'm sure that was very hard seeing that young man especially since you lost your dear brother in a motorcycle wreck. You know angels were holding your brother's hands and guiding him also...... ♥

Twice as Nice said...

Oh, what a story. We are so sorry about your brother. We lost one of our brothers too.
We just wanted to pop over and give you a ~hug~ for being such a wonderful sister. Blogland can be brutal at times. There are some vultures out there and it is nice to know your sis has your back :o)

soccermom said...

Wow! What a week you have had! One of my sisters was in a horrible motorcycle accident when we were growing up (she was the oldest and was about 16)....we were lucky and she is still here with us. I'm so glad you were there for that young man. It is funny the way things work out, with how you just wished you could have held your brothers hand. Oh now the tears are flowing. I can't imagine if I lost my brother (we are a group of sisters, with only one fantastic brother)! He was my protector and oh how I looked up to him. I still admire him so much. Thanks for reminding me to appreciate that I still have all of my siblings in my life today! Thank you! Seriously.

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

What a touching story. I love what your sweet daughter said to you. So true. I'm glad to know that you were able to hold that young man's hand and that he in return helped you let go of some of your baggage. Also, I'm truly so sorry for the loss of your brother. It is such a heaartbreak when we lose the ones we love the most much too early!

Happy Friday ~ Amanda

p.s. Congrats on your promotion!!!