Quiltin and the Laundry

Remember the fabric I blogged about way back when....
well here it is my first quilt. I had so much fun putting this
together. I LOVE this shabby fabric soo much. I wish I
would have bought it all !! I even took the scraps and made an awesome garland with ribbons,but didn't keep that long sold it in one day on ETSY.
After I finished my shabby throw
I took it to the laundry for a washing.(did not want all the little strings caught
in my washer). My son wanted to go with me. He had never been to the laundry, he was shocked that people would sit around and wash their clothes with strangers. Then I shared with him how during parts of my childhood we had to visit this same laundry. Then the memories came flooding back. How I would sit and do my homework or sit in the car with my baby brother and sister reading Dr. Seuss. Have any of you ever had a forgotten memory and when you least expect it you remember? It was kinda sad, but yet I'm glad because now he will know a little bit more about his geeky mom....


Tricia Anne said...

What a lovely quilt! Your colors are precious! I am making rag quilts too! :o) I too remember going to the laundry mat! :o)
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Self Confessed Lamp Tramp said...

Glad you are back! Love the quilt
and swag, so dreamy!