A New Start

The New Year is great. Most people focus on the new year as giving us the opportunity to change. You may want to start over on things that were not accomplished during the last year.

I would rather reflect on the things I did get right over the past year.
I started a new career path. Gave my children one more year worth of life's lessons. Bought land and a second home for us to retire to one day. Lost 10 pounds (thats not alot ,but it is to someone who has never been able to lose.) You know life is really good.
May you reflect on 08 with a smile and let the New Year bring peace and much happiness to your family.

Good bye 08 and hello 09! Much Love, Missy


Priscila said...

losing some weight is one of the things I want to do...but I think thats on everyones list after thanksgiving and Christmas. I love love love your garlands in ur etsy store!

Tricia Anne said...

That is awesome!! Congratulations on your loosing the 10 pounds. And how wonderful to be planning for the future while counting your blessings of today! :o)
This has been such a goofy year for our family, however, we have learned so many lessons and trust me, they are sticking with us. :O)
You have a fantastic outlook! I look forward to reading your blog even more in 2009!

Susie Harris said...

You go girl!!! Heres to another year together! Love you~