Shopping With Susie from Bienvenue

I had started picking out some items for a kitchen redo, but quickly became over whelmed and then we had that little weather thing called a ..HURRICANE back in the fall, so I did not get to work on it and really was dreading starting the task again.
On Friday I was lucky enough to get lunch and a shopping trip with Susie at Bienvenue. She is always so busy, but I managed to get her to give me some decorating advice for the cheap price of lunch. She helped me pick out the granite, sink,and some paint colors. My "Man in Camo" has been after me to get the kitchen redo under way, he was so happy that she helped me get it going.

The first day of spring turned out to be just a gorgeous day for us to take our time and walk around and see what is "in" this season.

This is a picture of the new shopping area, it feels like you are on a big city street.

This table setting would be so perfect for my beach home.

(NOT..I don't have a beach home).

Now this would be fabulous if you did not have children that like to eat in the living room.
Gosh just imagine a little mac n cheese on that.
Can't wait to see Susie's post on our day and get her spin on this set white set.

Now this bowl would look great on the coffee table at the camp/cottage minus those balls.


southerninspiration said...

Oh what a fun shopping trip! Is that new area in Baton Rouge??? Where?


Mandi said...

I'm so glad to see you started your own blog! Susie writes about you all the time so it is so nice to meet you! I have a sister as well, so you two remind me a lot of us. Looking forward to a new blogging buddy!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Hey girlie! Cant wait till we get another shopping date. I really cant wait till your kitchen redo! Fun!!!

Twice as Nice said...

Glad you got to have some "SIS" time. We're in the process of remodeling our kitchen too. The decisions are ones that are expensive and you have to live with a LONG, LONG time! I have the cabinets picked out and the new floors. I'm still debating on the new granite. Have a great week.

RootsAndWingsCo said...

Shopping with your Sister is always the greatest, isn't it? One of mine and I got a trip to Michael's the other night! So nice to gab and have each other there for opinions (not that all opinions are used ;) ). Looks like you guys had a great time. I love that you were celebrating your brother's life! That's how I'd rather celebrate people, myself!!

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

What a great day! How fun to spend it with your sister. Oh kids would have that white sectional demolished in minutes! Can you say SOOOOOOOO not practical?

Kat said...

Looks like y'all had some serious FUN.

AliceAnderson said...

Woo hoo, a shopping trip. Sounds like fun! And decorating advice is always appreciated. :)