Inspiration Friday

I was looking on my book shelf to find something with encouraging words. Well I found this little book called Thoughts of Gold in Words of Silver. When I looked in the front cover I saw that it was given to me by my mawmaw. She had written the date Dec. '79.
Here is a little excerpt ...

Don't Get Higher Than You Can Hold

Build today,then,strong and sure,

With a firm and ample base;

And ascending and secure

Shall to-morrow find its place.

- Henery Longfellow

The ladder of progress. Climbing has its perils (you may fall off), but staying on the ground has its hazards, too (something may fall on you). Climb, but don't climb faster than your strength will let you stay. And be nice to the people you pass on the way up, for you might need a friendly hand to break your fall on the way back down.

This message is so true even today. You can use these words to describe many situations.

My blog, I have slowly grown and made many new friends, I want to have that base on which to grow.

To the person trying to run that marathon, you have to build yourself up to have the strength to win.

These words might help the person who is having finical woes, tackle one problem at a time.

Let me know how these words might inspire you to build a strong base....


Cathy said...

The ladder of progress is an every day life experience..that was great Missy!

{{Big Hugs}}


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, I posted the quote on my facebook.

I wonder if the book is still in print? I'll do a google on it.


RootsAndWingsCo said...

This makes me think of how I'm raising my children. We might not see the fruits of our labor with them today. But sure enough, those things that we are doing with, and for, them will make their (and our own) tomorrow!
Great thought!