Holy Cow...They Swim

A couple of months ago I spotted these cows swimming to get back to their barn. It had been raining for a couple days and everything was flooded. We were in a hurry to get back home, but Camo Man turned the truck around so I could get some pictures.
Look closely can you see the little baby calf? (Click on picture for a closer look)
I wanted to jump out the truck and help the little guy, of course Camo Man said NO.
Really it is a good thing I have him to help me think clearly cause I surely would have took off across that pasture. Did I mention there was a bull and I can barely swim to save myself much less a calf....

We sat about fifteen mins. on side of the road watching them. Sometimes its just good for the soul to just pull over and enjoy an unexpected moment in life.
I challenge you to find an unexpected moment this weekend, HAPPY WEEKEND TO YOU!


Anonymous said...

Cool pictures. Reminds me of the film "City Slickers". Have a lovely weekend. Hope your countertops are as lovely as you hope them to be.
Hugs ~

Jadehollow said...

Happy Saturday SITStah! Thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower. Don't forget to check back on Monday for my giveaway details.

shelley said...

good morning ms southern queen bee! love the name! :) i was trying to see where in the south "ya'll" are.. my daughter goes to college down south, and i love it there! anyhow, i love the picture of the cows the little calf is so cute trying to keep his/her head above water. now just how close were you to these cows? lol happy saturday! stopping by sits, love the tshirt! and wanted to say "hi" stop by and "holla" at me anytime, i love meeting new friends!

Kari Jenkins said...

Oh, I soooo would have been right there with you jumping into that water like a fool (another poor swimmer here) to save that calf! This is the reason I married my husband- he keeps me from jumping into the cow filled rivers of life!

The Stylish House said...

I can’t believe you got these photos. I enlarged the one with the baby calf and it is so tiny it looks like it was really struggling. Good thing it made it to shore safe and sound.
I also have to tell you a couple days ago I was at my favorite store marshals and spotted the cutest little dish with a bee painted on it and thought of you! ~Cathy~

Anonymous said...

great 'cow' story as I adore cows. Missy, I'm doing fine here, tired from being in Florida for a while, but we're back now.

Hope to see the grandbaby soon as they live just down the road a spell.

I love to travel yet hate to go away to see what's come about as in changes when I return. Like a house being built across the street, old neighbors moved on.. and a daughter that moved in. No more empty nester here for a few months.

Hugs for a great weekend my love.. missed you lots.

Allidink said...

Aw. How neat to watch them swim :) Cute!

All the best,

Handmade Housewife... said...

That's adorable. We had a mother and baby deer cross in our backyard on Saturday. The mother acutally looked out from the woods first to see if the coast was clear...then the baby followed. It's so amazing to catch glimpses of nature like that. Thanks for sharing!


Clare said...

great pictures and post to go with it. My unexpected moment this weekend was discovering that our 3 year old would eat alligator on a stick!

HeathahLee said...

I knew horses swam but didn't really think about cows. Poor baby calf...I bet he would have appreciated your help! : )

Mandi said...

My husband's family farm has a pond. I've seen the cows swim a couple times when they got in too deep. My reaction was very similar to yours, but I wanted hubby to jump in and help. He still thinks I had a death wish for him since they weigh so much more than him!