Closet/Me Makeover

This photo got your attention but don't get too excited, this is not the remodel of my closet...but my closet will look like this in my next house.

For years I lived in a very small trailer with a very small closet. Everything was in that closet, you know the kind with a sliding door and a pipe across the length of it. The ceiling was like 6 foot tall so when I would hang any long items you could not see the floor. I felt like a little possum scouring looking for my shoes under all the clothes. In a trailer you do not have an attic. So guess where the Christmas tree and outgrown baby items where stored? You got it closet.

I felt like a queen when we moved into our house. I thought that closet was huge. The greatest thing was I did not have to share it with Mr. Christmas tree, or the vacuum cleaner, or the 1988 highchair.

Actually in this photo I had already started taking stuff out.

Camo Man hates sharing with me. He is so organized and everything in a place. But now I wear scrubs to work and I am not really a clothing shopper. I hear all you shoppers gasping for air.

It is ok, I have come to terms with it. (After gaining weight, I would rather buy house stuff and of course fabric than clothes). If there is anyone out there like me, please leave me a comment, it gets lonely not going to the mall.
Well it is time to clean out and organize before Camo Man puts it all on the front lawn. He really is a patient man.

Who wants to dress after wearing scrubs all week? On the weekend I tend to grab a t-shirt and old shorts. I never really dress nice. Then if I run an errand I feel frumpy.
And boy you won't admit it but thats when you see everybody that you graduated with or worked with at a past job. The worst is when you see the guy you dated a hundred years ago with his cute little fabulous young wife. Then I ask my self "Why didn't I just take five minutes and put on something cute???". (I'd be perfect for that What Not To Wear show).
Solution for me, I put all the t-shirts and shorts in the dresser drawer. Only my nicer clothes are hanging. As you can see I don't have that many.

Yes, that is a pair of bee slippers on the self.

This way I am hoping that I will think twice before I just grab something. Last weekend I got dressed to go out. It made me feel so good when my sis in-law wanted to know why I was dressed up. She even wanted to know if I lost weight. What motivation me not to just grab something other than a t-shirt and tennis shoes. I think I will clean out the closet more often and maybe throw in a little shopping trip.


marty39 said...

Wow, the closet looks fabulous. Mine needs a good cleaning. Yours looks so organized and you really can find everything. Great job. Hugs, Marty

Darlene said...

OH.MY.GOSH....much of what you have said could have come out of my mouth!! I almost ALWAYS have on a tee shirt and shorts (ok not cutesy kind cause I have gained quite a bit of weight) but I bought a couple of cute sundresses (in a much larger size than I EVER thought I would wear) and I have thrown them on with sandals. I feel so much cuter!!! I REALLY need to get my closet in order! I'm sure I could get rid of a TON of stuff. Yours looks WONDERFUL!!

Jenny@ L.O.T.s of Love said...

Great post! I find it hard to dress up when I wear a flight suit and steel toed boots to work! I use to wear heal all the time...just to go to the mall! The weight is a whole other issue. It is easier to carry around a few extra pounds in a t-shirt! My closet is in great need of help! Thanks for the motivation!

Laura said...

I really needed to read your post. Thank you for your honesty.

I have been running errands looking worse than I need to.

I am now inspired to put in the effort.

Maybe we need to plan our weekend outfit prior to the weekend- so we don't revert back spur of the moment.

Just an idea.


southerninspiration said...

Wahoo, you made lots of progress!!!

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Whatevah...You are so cute! And every single picute I've ever seen of look so stylish and put together.

I totally get the running into a million people when you're not "dressed". Especially, the old boyfriends with the fabulous skinny wives! Yuck. I hate it when that happens.

OH MY GOODNESS...that closet you showed is the most fabulous room I've ever laid eyes on. I will dream about it tonight.


♥Aubrey said...

I know exactly what you mean. It's sad when your 6 year old has a larger closet than yourself :( When you talk about getting dressed to go somewhere it really does make a your self-esteem and the way strangers look/approach you.

HeathahLee said...

I have wanted to do a closet overhaul lately, too. The thing is, we have closet caves...double doors that open to about 4 feet in front of you, but then the rest of the closet is a narrow cave off to the side of the doors where there is no light and you feel like a mole digging your way through there. I would love to put some shelves up in mine, but can't figure out how I'd do it and have any room left for my clothes. Not that I can fit into most of what's in there... : )

Lisa said...

I'm with you on the shopping.

Shopping for clothes is a nightmare, if you're not 20 years old and size 2. If it fits, it probably looks like something your grandma would wear. It's almost impossible to find a simple button down (oxford-type) shirt to wear with khaki pants.

Thanks for posting this - you've inspired me to get things organized in my closet and put forth a little extra effort on the weekends.

Sue said...

I do not go shopping! Ever since I stopped teaching my aerobics classes and have begun "the phase," the bod has spread... I compensate by shopping for the house! tee hee

I have the old reliable work clothes that are shapeless and hide. (at least I hope so...) And I think people are starting to wonder if I'm ever going to come out of mourning... (anyone else out there love black?)

When we renovate the bathroom, the walk-in closet size will be cut somewhat i size, but we'll actually gain more hanging space.

I like order and insist that Mr. Sullivan hang his clothes a certain way. I am definitely a bit anal.... And clothes on the floor? ooohh, I go ballistic.
Order, I demand Order!!Now if only my chaotic life would follow suit....
:-) Sue

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Come clean mine....plezzzz

vintage at heart said...

We REALLY need to start a little support group!!! I do not like the Mall either and yes would rather head towards the housewares rather than buy new shoes or clothes!!! My girls got the shopping gene but boy did it skip right over me!! I am such a bum these days, wore scrubs for years too maybe that is what ruins us.. all of that comfort and no ironing!!!! I love the fact that we moved last year 'cause now I am "incognito" when I run around looking homeless!!!! LOL!!! I will no teven go into the closets 'round here!!! Love ya girl!!! Have a Blessed weekend!!!
~~And you always look fabulous on your blog with your Family and that sweet sister of yours!!!

RootsAndWingsCo said...

Well I am not a shopper of any kind. And clothes shopping is a nightmare for me.

I love to come here and see what fun you are up to. I feel like you are so down to earth and very similar to me;) (At least in my own little world;)

Anjeanette of the R&W girls

Gretchen said...

I've said all those things about myself as far as clothes go. I don't really care so much about what I wear.

One big tip I will give you is to buy wooden hangers you can get at Home Depot for about 8 for $4.99. They make even my painting clothes in my closet look better. I just buy a couple of packs every time I go with Mr. Bird Nest.

I think I did a post a while ago where I actually showed my closet all organized.