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Bath and Body is having a hand soap sale. I looove their hand soaps and have one at every sink in the house and camp. My favorite is the Kitchen Lemon. In the south we cook with tons of onions and of course we have to eat our seafood, and this takes that smell right off.

My favorite is the Kitchen Lemon with the little beads.

The newest is Fresh Lime Basil, I picked it up last night, so I can't wait to give it a try. Can you think of a better reason to boil some shrimp? giggle.... These also make the best little thought gifts. I give them at work if I need just a little gift, teacher gifts....for this price I pick up extras.

On a serious note, I am not sure where you may live, but our state has had its first Swine Flu death (she was 21 years old, really scary), with children going back to school , please remind them to WASH their hands....They might even wash more if you get the foaming kind....

I was not or will not get paid for this post....just sharing...giggle..


vintage at heart said...

MMM I love handsoap almost as much as the lotion and body wash!!!! I panic when ours get too low!!!! Love these smells too, they are so fresh for the kitchen!!
The swine flu is so scary, the news last night said something about vaccinating our kids??!!!
(I am missing that fresh seafood and shrimp and crab boils now that I am landlocked!!!)
Have a Blessed weekend!

Olivia and Me said...

Great minds think a like. Love the Kitchen Lemon and every tossed a bit of a fit when the local store didn't carry it.. well they do now.

I had the flu the first of July, which turned into walking pneumonia and I'm still battling with it.

Keep safe and love your taste.

zoe said...

I m in the uk and there have been thousands of cases of swine flu. It seems to be similar to any old flu and people, although they have been ill haven't reported that it is any worse than past strains. I suppose the difference is that the people usually affectd are old people and we aren't quite as shocked when they die, as apposed to a young person which this strain seems to be targeting.The people that have died here have had underlying health issues.
22,000 people died in the last uk flu epidemic in 1999 and there wasn't the fuss that is being made now.

susieharris said...

Yikes! I didnt know that. Looking forward to Tuesday~

MissyM said...

I have White Citrus in my kitchen right now but I use the Kitchen Lemon too. I love the Euclyptus Spearment too.

Mickey Johnson said...

...i use one of the christmas scents in my guest bath and you are so is scrumpcious! i will have to go shopping! xo, mickey

Kameron said...

Wow!! That's wonderful... I like to buy hand soap from Bath and Body Works... Kitchen Lemon also very nice!!

jacob123 said...

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