Lake Cresent, Forks and the Pacific

(EDIT...I add some music for our drive.. Special thanks to Olivia and Me )

We are driving out to see the pacific ocean today. Come on lets go. We will make a few stops along the way. This is amazing Lake Crescent.
Words can not describe the view. We are driving on a very winding road and after a curve in the clearing there in front of you is this extraordinary lake. The morning sun shining down on the water looks like sapphires and emeralds. The road follows the edge of this lake for miles. Off in the distance you can see little cabins tucked in the woods. In my fantasy world, I envision a family reunion on this lake,us sitting by a fire at night watching the moonlight glisten on the water. Oh well on to the real world.

Not to worry in the real world we will stop at the end of the lake at the precious cabin store for a cup of coffee.

Here is a little surprise, we are going to stop in Forks,WA. For all you Twilight fans, we are passing thru the town where the book and movie where based on. (I visited here years ago, why didn't I write that darn book?)

As I told you before dad has to stop at every store along the way. Hold on we are stopping to pick up a few souvenirs at this great store. It has everything, groceries, clothes, dishes, hardware. It is what stores used to be before W.Mart. The cheerleaders of the local high school are selling hot dogs. Of course I just had to ask one of the girls if Twilight was the required summer reading. She laughed and politely said no. She was very grateful and said the fame of the books and movie have generated alot of revenue for the town.

There is even a shop that has a sign "Bella Shops Here". Forks even has tours for people wanting to see more local areas addressed in the books.
Come on I've got more for you to see.

Ahh the ocean!! Sea fog is rolling in, but that is ok, it rolls in and out pretty fast. The sound of water just relaxes me after that exciting stop in Forks.

The beach here is not like our beaches in the south. A few things you won't find here, no beach chairs, umbrellas, and terrible sun burns. What I did find here were a few children with their parents digging for clams. Most of all I found found peace, you can defiantly find it here. Quiet,sunny with a little breeze just breath taking.

Plenty of places to sit and reflect. I am disappointed, I wanted to show you the starfish and little sea creatures native to this area, but it was in between tides.

I took this picture of my dad while I was sitting and pondering questions I have. (that is another post). As he walked along I thought about him. Looking at him I see a very strong, adventurous,positive, hard working man. I literally can not keep up with him. Let's see in the last seven years he has buried his youngest child, had rotator cuff surgery, double knee replacement, prostate cancer and had a divorce. I could do a whole blog on this man, but we are on vacation.

I turn back to get one last look. Good bye pacific,until next time....


Olivia and Me said...

Oh Missy.. this is soooo beautiful.. as I listen to my music, the photos upon photos just place me there. I can seem the sea air.. the pine.. damp leaves.. and I felt the breeze as the tide sweeps in.

Thank you Missy for sharing this lovely day with us.. so peaceful.

hugs n kisses

Susie from Bienvenue said...

I love this post ..really I do but when you got to Dad...for some reason the tears just started falling. I has been such a hard few years and so many emotions..this picture just really just touched my heart. Im so glad that you got to go and spend some time with Him one on one. I know you will cherish every second for a long time to come. Love you and cant wait to see you in a few~

Gitanadeldesierto said...

Hey hun, great blog, please follow mine and comment and I will enter you in my contest!

Tricia Anne said...

Your pictures are gorgeous!
I am counting down the days until I am on the west coast and my feet are planted right back in MY ocean! Even though it is freezing cold! You just miss where you are from, when you are taken away.
Your dad is sure a pillar! What a blessed lady you are to have such a special example and such a wonderful time to spend together! :o) I can tell you will treasure every moment!
Thanks again, for taking us all along.
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Steph said...

Forks - how cool! Except the sun is shining - so no vampires out. Thank you for visiting my blog!

Sue said...

How absolutely amazing the Pacific is, n'est pas? The beauty is so unlike what you see in other places. I am happy that you spent quality time with you dad while on your vacatiion and that you will have those memories to cherish. I have enjoyed experiencing the trip with you! :-) Sue

Twice as Nice said...

Wow, not only were the views incredible, but also the company you kept. Your dad sounds more interesting than the towns famous book. A man to be admired.
I'm so glad you had this opportunity to spend time with your him.

TwirlandTaste said...

Exquisite and serene photos. Made me wish I was there right this minute. So glad to have found your site.
Happy Twirls

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Beautiful! I wouldn't want to come back to the real world after this trip! Have fun!

Blue Creek Home said...

You almost have me crying!!! This post if precious. I can tell you love your dad so much. Enjoy every single second of it.
We livd in the SF area in the 80's and we vacationed in Seattle. The beachs are indeed very different than the Gulf of Mexico and East Coast beaches.
Thanks for leaving such a lovely comment for me.