Where Women Create...Love it.

ADDICTION problem #1 ~ Some of you know how much I love my magazines. Yes,I am addicted. This is my newest high, Where Women Create. The cover was tempting me with the beatuiful studio of Gina Galvin. The checkout clerk looked at me as if I had lost it. Who spends $14.99 on a magazine? She never said a word,but ladies you know the look those clerks can give you. I politely told her in my sweet southern drawl,"I don't drink or smoke so I deserve this magazine." She still never uttered a word, a blank stare. Then as I dug out the money I thought, 'I don't have to defend myself to this unaddicted person. Besides she should not judge,she probably gets to look at it for FREE on her break!'

ADDICTION problem #2 ~ I purchased it on my lunch hour, big mistake. When a magazine addicted person gets their hands on a new issue they have to flipp through ALL the pages.I barely made it into the parking lot at work. Usually I start flippin at the red lights, but there was extremely heavy traffic. Well you all know what happened next. The sun was shining, it was toasty sittin in that car. I flipped very slowly through every beautiful page (did not have time to read). I glanced up at the clock...OH SHIT...very carefully put the magazine down as not to bend a single page or heavens forbid the covers. Then I was off like a mad woman. I work at a medical facility and I was running like it was a code blue. This was really not a cool thing to do, but when you are addicted you can't help yourself. I clocked in with one minute to spare.

MY ANSWER FOR THIS ADDICTION....I will pick up the new issues on my way home. Camo Man is more understanding about dinner being late,rather than my boss wondering why I took a hour and half for lunch.


southerninspiration said...

Looks like one I'll need to check out...and I hear you about the addiction.......I understand! ;D


Susie from Bienvenue said...

Sister here...make sure you dont crinkle those crisp pages cause you know I will be wanting to read every page when you're done! I will make sure not to droooolllll all over it...ha!

Linda said...

I don't have this issue yet, but can't wait to get it- I have her book, it's wonderful! I'm a magazine addict, too!

Teresa said...

Oh how funny!
I love your way of thinking...hey I deserve this I so don't smoke!!! Yeah! Love it!
Looks like a great magazine!!!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

The great thing about the $14.99 magazines is most of them don't have ads in them. Can't tell you how many times my husband has told the store clerks that magazines are my addiction as we are checking out. :) I don't think there is a self help group out yet for this one-Not that I'd go anyway, cause, well, I DON't have a problem.
Thanks for feeding my addiction you little pusher! :) Can't wait to get my hands on "Where women create."


Kristen said...

Looks good! I'll have to look for it at Barnes and Noble this weekend - I hope it's there, they are always so hit and miss with some magazines!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Who spends that sorta money on a magazine? ME, that's who! I have that same issue, isn't it great?

I also regularly buy Somerset Life & Studio and Jeanne d'Arc Living, which is even MORE expensive. Hey, we all deserve our little luxuries, right? :-)