Cool Water Features In The Heat of Summer

In this July heat one can only dream of hearing the trickle of water to transform you into a cooler place. A few weeks ago Susie and I took a ride to see a few open houses including the Southern Living Show Home. Of course as southern Louisiana weather goes it was hot and humid. Oh, but the moment I heard this water feature located in this courtyard I cooled off.
It is a show stopper.
Those three doors ahead lead into the luxury master bedroom.

The beautiful blue tile lured me over to the side, but due to the fact I am over forty and there were bystanders  I did not take the opportunity to stick my feet in. Rest assured in the heat that we have I am sure a few kiddies have fallen prey to these enticing waters.
As Susie and I drove through this tour of homes we arrived at the beautiful Southern Living Home.

Located in the back of this massive home is this wonderful porch.
 While Susie was looking and wondering what paint color they used on the porch, I wondered, but did not ask, if they left those dishes out there all the time, or if they set this table everyday for the show?

 Only a few steps away and you arrive at  this little water feature, I believe any of you could easily make this on your patio or in an area of the yard. It is perfect for someone with a small space, or even if you have a large yard and want to add a focal point.  With such a fabouls home  and so much eye to detail in the interior I was a tad disappointed in the patio area. (but you all know I love the outdoors).

The fireplace to the left is equally as beautiful, but that will have to be a topic for the fall.
This refreshing water feature is located to the right side of the home. The feature is made from a sugar kettle. These are really popular in the south. Southerners were re purposing items long before that term was even around! I love the design of the pavers, what do you think?

Try to stay cool, but if your water feature is just not enough, there is always this type!

Next Post :  Come and take a peek at my backyard water feature.

Have a cool week,   
 Southern Queen Bee,


Susie from Bienvenue said...

I think if we should happen upon this humble abode once again....we should dip our feet into that fountain...just sayin'..ha!
I'm so glad we took this lil road trip. I'm already looking forward to our next adventure!

southerninspiration said...

I just love the SOUND of water, so these water features are lovely to me...and I'm with Susie, how could you NOT put your tootsies in??? :D


Sue said...

Oh how fun that you and Susie got to make this trip, Missy! I would have loved to have seen this house. I must be a southern girl, at heart! Maybe it was hangin' out with all those girls from Texas and Oklahoma that "turned" me. LOL Thanks for sharing. I want to see your water feature soon. hugs, Sue

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

Sorry it's been so long since my last visit...hope you're all OK!

Anyhow, water features, gorgeous...just one problem...they make me need a wee, ha ha! xxx

Lindsay said...

Oh my gosh gorgeous photos! :)

Cute said...

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