Well dear friends...I have moved. I am so excited with my new place. 

 Come with me as we learn a little bit about  some  southern cooking, traditions, decorating, crafting and of course a little travel...

I was unable to move you with me, so please follow me to  Simply Living The Southern Life . 
There you can grab my new button and follow me.

Can't wait to see ya there...


This poor blog is done, finished, seen better days. 

What do you do when it just can't be fixed?

You don't eat lunch at Hello Tokyo,

 tell wonderful daughter she has to buy her own Jessica Simpson  boots

and dig out the change jar
 cause this mommas getting a brand new blog designed by the one and only (drum roll)...

 I will have more post of things I love,
  certain you will love them too...

Southern Food and Products
Of course,  Travel
and those dreaded Home Improvements that usually turn into funny memories!

So won't you stick around?
I'm sure you won't be disappointed,

Thanks,  Jennifer at Jennifer Rizzo  for recommending Sadie Olive. 

Make Over In Progress

Excuse my mess,

This site is under going a makeover.
I thought for the New Year I would give my blog a new look...well as you can see I have made a MESS.
If you know any great blog designers PLEASE leave me a comment.


Happy Birthday Wishes to my sweet sister...Join me and lets go over and surprise her with a HAPPY BIRTHDAY comment! Here is her link  Susie Harris

The Invisible Woman

Today as I celebrate my birthday, another chapter in my life, I was reflecting on all the things that I have yet unfinished.
Wondering why do I even try to make a difference, everyday someone is always complaining.    I hear   
" I NEED A TOWEL" ,   
Its OK, because if they just grow up to be responsible, God fearing adults, then I did my job!

Now as far as my OCD husband....pray for me. LOL

If you read my blog you will know I am not one to express my religious or political views,  but a friend sent this to me on Face Book and I just had to share, because the message just touched me.  
I know I can not be the only one who wonders,
"Just what is my calling?"   It might have been here all the time.

This message is powerful!
PLEASE take a few moments to watch!