Home Sweet Home.... Finally back home, but my head is still spinning.
I have no idea how I am gonna make it back to work, that cruise boat
rocked more than a granny with a new born. I tried taking a nap, eating,
but nothing seems to help. If anyone has suggestions, please send them
my way....I'm not sick to my stomach, just REALLY dizzy.
I have certainly missed my favorite Blogs. Post more pic. when better.. BEE HAPPY, MISSY


Self Confessed Lamp Tramp said...

Yes, know that spinning, woozzy feeling from after a cruise. Took me over a week to get rid of it. Love you pics...I know you all had a great time,,,,xoxo

Susie Harris said...

You know it girl! You can have your pick of the litter. Im making more tonight. just cant have enough for Canton. Miss ya, Susie

She'sSewPretty said...

Hi Missy! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll be back to visit yours and see what you do with that fabric. I remember coming back from a cruise and standing in the shower and felt like I was still on the ship. I think it just wears off after a few days.

Joyce said...

Hey Missy,
Ugh and that is WHY we haven't done the cruise thing yet....I would HATE to be sick the entire time. I don't have motion sickness...except when I fly. HA!
I wouldn't mind trying the cruise...Miss Priss wants to go on one as a family but my husband is sooo not wanting to do one.

YES! Let's tell Susie that we need to do lunch when you can come along. We were going to go today but you know her youngest had a fever the other day and...I was BAD off today, the humidity and weird weather pressure bothers me big time soooo.....I laid in bed and read "Jane Eyre" ALL day. :~)

Check and see if you have any Teapots in the house and GET THOSE things out. HA! IF not we can find you one maybe at the Purple Cow. HA!
Be blessed,
Hey if you want some of the "Bee artwork" on my site.....copy it and take it for your sidebar or where ever you want it. I have more somewhere on my site too.

claudia said...

Missy, This looks like it was fun!
Hey,just wanted to tell you that I have done some re editing on my latest post and I have somehow managed to lose your last comment, which I was so glad you wrote. I just wanted to tell you that it was inintentional! SORRY! Please come back to visit and if possible please send an email with your email address so I can drop you a note! Thanks! claudia

claudia said...

Hi Missy,
I wanted to drop another quick note to my blog readers to let them know I have not locked anybody out of my blog, but just closed my blog for the time being. Just not enough time for it right now .. .. but I want to thank you for all your nice comments and taking the time to read mine. I will still be dropping by to visit you. Take care and God bless you and yours and your sweet sis too! thanks! claudia