Blackberry ?

I want to include a little 'Did You Know' at the beginning of each post....
Did You Know ... Blackberries - 1/2 cup has 5.0 grams of fiber compared to an apple that has 4.0 grams. Recommened grams per day are 25-40 grams

I am bored...
How many times do we as parents hear this over the summer?
School has only been out two days and already I have heard this comment.
The worse part to admit is my child is 15, you would think with all the techno. things
out there he would never get this way. For goodness sake he has a Blackberry Curve phone that can text some one 24/7 and even log on to the internet.

On my morning walk at the 'cottage-camp' I spotted Blackberries, so as soon as I heard those dreaded words....I'M BORED I moved into action. I told him to come with me. Long story short, we picked berries all morning. He had so much fun. Like I've said in past post , it is the small things that bring the most happiness. These blackberries were even FREE.


Susie Harris said...

Amen Sister... Remember when... all we had during the summer was
1. black and white tv
2. No cable
3. kool aid
4. Mac n cheese
5. bean bag chairs
6. time spent waiting for dj to play favorite song.. Oh should we even go there....

Steph said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
I was just thinking about blackberries this morning, I wonder if they are ripe up at the lake?!
And I believe they are bored because they have soooo much! Mine aren't out of school yet, but I'll give them something to help with the that need washing, etc, etc,!


Oh yUMMY!!! Fresh and FREE blackberries!!!
Oh and to be 15 again and bored!!!! He is a handsome young man,they grow so fast!!!
My children are not out until June 6th and we are counting down believe me!!! Of course then they will be bored too!!!
Have a wonderful day!!!

Melissa Lester said...

Thanks for stopping by! Those blackberries look divine! It's neat that your 15-year-old could enjoy that quiet time with you. It gives me hope that my kids will still want to hang around with me when they are teenagers!

Daisys Little Cottage said...

Beautiful photos and delightful blog! Im adding you to my sidebar too! How wonderful to be able to purchase a second home and on all that great property! What a blessing and what a project. Just think, you get to decorate that charming place in the country. O! How thrilling. Im sure it can seem a bit overwhelming at times but you are a team and you will see it through, beautifully. What a nice looking family you have and cutie pie pooches! See you around.

Susie Harris said...

We need a new post Mam....Im getting tired of reading about this blackberry. Susie