House Project Two

Well you can not call last weekends' work a big project...I guess the whole thing in general is a PROJECT. As you can see by the pictures we (well, honey dewer) removed the shutters. I am not quite as brave as Susie with her SASSY GREEN bath, but I have decided to paint them Olive Green and the house will be Hiking Trail. I think the name of the paint fits the house so well, I just hope the color looks good. Have any of you ever had your husband say " oh you pick the color" , then when you do they look at that little chip and say "oh NOT that color " I told him he wants me to pick it so if it looks bad he can tell visitors that his wife picked the colors.

The orginal color of the house is white. But I think that would be to much. When you drive down the drive it is surrounded by the woods , and then you drive up a hill, at the top

the house sits by itself out in a opening in the woods, so I want it to blend with the surroundings.

Also we pick up a washer and dryer. Sure that will come in handy.

The last picture is of course our last two babies, man are they spoiled. They love it there because they are free to just run all over and play. Boy we ALL sleep so good there, I have not figured out if it is the crickets singing us to sleep or from being pooped from all the work.


Oliver's said...

Oh my goodness what a project you have started. I know it will look great. I just picked colors for my parents new home and they built it with a "lodgy" feel, lots of stone,cedar, and all alder wood, I thought this would present a problem for me, since I am more of a "french country" girl but once we got started I had so much fun. I'll post pictures soon as they are still moving in. Good luck on your project I'll be watching with much anticipation. Smiles Paula


Y'all look like Y'all have been working up a storm!!!! Hope Y'all take it easy and have a wonderful holiday weekend!!
Those babies look like mine except for the colors... mine are black. Their tongues in these photos are hilarious!!