Cottage/Camp Progress

Well another weekend draws to a close. It feels great to
sit and fill you all in out what we finished this weekend at
the Cottage~Camp. My daughter and I went shopping in the town with
a mall.(45min. away). We left her poor new boyfriend to help
HoneyDew redo the porch. Thank goodness he did not work him to much. I told Honeydew
we do not want to run him off, she will be twenty in Oct. and it is her first boyfriend.

Back to the porch, it turned out really cute, now I am looking
for a sweet little table and of course a rooster to put by the door.
I want to stain the wood, but Honeydew says I have to wait for the
wood to dry(Whats up with that). Really tired gotta get ready for the work
week. Have a great week ...MISSY


Lisa said...

Always a good sign when the daughter's boyfriend is up for heavy lifting-lol.

Anonymous said...

mommm that is a horrible picture of me! put the other one up that i posted on my page! :)

thanks love you

Susie Harris said...

Lookin' good. What's this! Can it be! Miss Britt has a boyfriend? I know she will be bringing him here to meet me asap! Love ya Miss, Sue


Looks like great progress!!

Daisys Little Cottage said...

So nice to see everything coming together. Boyfriend may be a keeper if he stays home and works around the house while sweetie goes shopping. How can I get me one a them????

Melissa Lester said...

I would say he is a keeper!