Let's go shoppin it's hot outside

Can you believe I took a weekend off from the cottage/camp. My sweet sister wanted to spend a few hours shopping with me. Well of course I took my camera along, so you could join in on the fun. We stopped a this great new shop Oakside Antiques & Gifts located at 40154 West New River, Gonzales, LA (Email: cyberoak@msn.com).
It is just loaded with beautiful antiques and so many gifts for all occasions.
Let's go on in ,you know it is 90 degrees here.

Take a peak with us as we walk around.Oh... this Tea Cart would look so good in my bedroom, I might have to just go ahead and pick it up. Oakside's prices are so reasonable for such wonderful quality antiques. I did pick up a precious bed tray.

The owner, Gwendolyn and her husband even support the local artists.These stylish plaques were crafted by my sister.

Teacups...Did you say teacups?? Yes she has a the largest collection I have ever seen. Gwendolyn even has some black teacups with roses on the inside. I know sounds kind morbid, but I loved them. (I was so busy talking didn't get a pic of those.)
You know what I say in the 'Big Picture' it is about the small stuff. After shopping we were walking to the car when we ask Gwendolyn about her beautiful roses. She told us how easy the tiny pink roses are to grow from a cutting and that they were indeed the Seven Sister rose.
So generously she cut pieces for me and my sister. How can you top a day like that.
Have a great week & BEE HAPPY, MISSY


Susie Harris said...

What a great day it was. I think just getting to hang out with you was the best part. We can have fun about anywhere we go! Even if it's serving up some cookin'.... Susie

Susie Harris said...


Melissa Lester said...

What a great shop, and a wonderful afternoon spent with your sister! I will have to remember this place the next time Joe and I go to LA!

Susie Harris said...

Cant wait to see what your up too! I will check back soon... Susie~


Shoppin'!!! Does it get any better than that???
Looksl ike fun, I love to browse shoppes and you have saved me gas money by sharing this one!!!
Have a Blessed Weekend!!