Yes, I am a lucky girl

I have found someone who is addicted to magazines more than I.
The CEO at my office has a sister that sends her magazines after she reads them to us.
JACKPOT ... as you can tell they are current and my favorites.
Just not enough time to read everything, have to share with the rest of the office.


Deb said...

Hi, Hon! Stopping by to repay the visit, and of course you can add me to your blog. I'd love it!

I am a crazy magazine collector, too. I had every issue of Victoria ever made and sold them off on eBay when they ceased publication previously. When it came back, I began collecting them again. I also have years and years worth of Country Living.

I saw your post on Suze Orman and she's great, and so is Dave Ramsey who saved my financial life.

Tricia Anne said...

How fantastic! Mother Earth is a magazine I "borrow" from a friend. Enjoy your reading!! :o)
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

I find so much creative inspiration from magazines. For gift giving,home decorating,cooking... You'll have fun searching through that stack of great magazines.
Hope your holidays are filled with family and fun. Oh, and lots of delicious food too.

Sweet Wishes,

Lisa said...

Love all those mags. I too am a magazine nut. My mom shares hers with me after she leafs through them, so I only have to buy the ones she dose not I have a ton I need to unpile as we speak.