Lesson Learned in the Simplest Place

I love to walk in the woods, just taking in nature. Searching for any little sign of anything new that I did not see the last time I walked on that particular path. After seeing deer tracks and signs of deer passing through an area, I begged Camo Man to let me return later to sit in his deer stand with my camera. That afternoon I nagged him until he took me back to this stand. The stand is placed in a tall pine with a homemade latter that is chained to the tree. How excited I was as I started to climb. The anticipation of the great photos that I would surely take. Photos of the buck that I had never been seen before except on a hunting camera.

I was on my way to the top when to my horror my foot slipped. My heart beating so fast I looked to see where to place my foot next. All of a sudden I feel this comforting hand with light pressure on my butt. Camo Man stating "I am right here, it is ok go on you only have two steps left." Poor guy, I almost stepped on all his fingers and head as I descended. I just could not get down fast enough. I climbed down and apologized that I nagged him all day and now could not make it to the top of the stand. He was so patient and wanted me to try again with encouraging words. I just could not climb back up that tree.
So time was ticking and he needed to get to his stand. He wanted me to just sit with him, but I knew that would not work.

Next best thing... I just sat next to this pine for four hours.
This was the view looking down the ridge where I was sitting on just my butt. If only I would have known I was scared to climb trees.

There I sat with my book, camera and the big bug that thought my neck was warmer that the bark on the pine.

Oh the moon, what a welcome sight. It meant that in moments Camo Man would be back to find me waiting to get back to the camp to warm up.

Sitting there was not a waste. What did I learn? The lesson is how I should watch out what I long for, even nag for, cause after given the opportunity being at the top just may not be the right thing for me. And I did not know that cute little squirrels could screech so much. Try to find a the bigger meaning in even the smallest lesson.


Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Yes my Mother used to say...."Be careful what you wish for!"

Anonymous said...

I ask my hubs if I can go with him sometimes, but he knows me way to well and tell me know cause I can never be quiet enough. haha. Hope your having a great day! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I think it's so important to recognize those simple lessons as they come. I have found in my life that they are tender mercies from God that help me have perspective when difficult times come along.

Anonymous said...

Missy.. warm greetings my dear and must I say you are adventurous indeed... bugs and all. Please thank Camo man for saving your arse.. (heehee) in your time of need.

Being in a place where you are one with your soul and nature.. I think places one in a realm of pure peace.

Great shots.. and just look at that moon!!!

with love,

Darlene said...

I bet that was scary trying to climb that tree. It looks like you ended up in the perfect place though and took beautiful pictures from there. It is kind of back to be careful what you wish for. Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday evening.♥

Tami said...

I really enjoyed your post...how true it really is!!

Hugs ~T

Janean said...

ooooooooooooh, good lesson learned. i'm off to apply that to myself. thanks for sharing!

MamaTina said...

So thankful that you are okay! My dad slipped out of a tree in September last year, broke his ankle, and had to have surgery that he's still recovering from.
I was telling someone yesterday I often find myself asking for snakes when what God really wants to give me are good gifts. Thanks for the reminder!

Wendy said...

Cute story! Also from a family of hunters, although I never braved the "walk or climb"! You should be proud of yourself for even trying to climb the tree!