Craft Room Confession

      Am I the only one?   Can there be anyone else like me?
Am I the only one that their house is perfect?
EXCEPT... only come up the stairs to my messy little secret...
As I came up my stairs this morning to my little craft space, I reflected on how in the world did it ever get to this?
I started out with a little sewing table in the utitlity room with one small shelf.  Now so many unfinished projects and unorganization.
 I would love to blame the internet, blogs and etsy. I see all these wonderful blog post (sisters included), people making money on esty and say I can do that.
 I start making one thing, see something else and jump to that. Because I spend a dollar here and a dollar there I do not see how much I have spent. But I yet have not made a dollar.   

 I have thread... I have a sewing machine and a monograming machine, I also  have a friend who wants to come over and see my machine.
NO WAY !   I am to embarrassed for her to see all this stuff.
This quilt that I started for my son, I think he was nine. He is now seventeen.
Can't blame that on internet...HAHA
(I am laughing, because if I cry, I will have to go downstairs for kleenex)
I have flowers that I may need for a wreath...yeah right
Lookie there is a part to my machine..
There also is one of many totes I made, ended up giving most of them away.

Totes my sister wanted me to monogram
Overwhelmed...yes I am.
Yarn from my grandmother (two small balls) what am I gonna do with that?

I even go and borrow my sister stamps...thought I would stamp on
some items to sell on esty...
Fabric...well I posted on that already.  Sorry I am also a
Stay with me here...because this is only a before, today I vow to finish those projects
 (even if I have to give them to the Goodwill)  and
get a craft room I can be proud of.

Am I the only one? Do you know someone like me? If not maybe they are just hiding it behind the craftroom door!...Missy


Teresa said...

Look at the BRIGHT side!
That is the CUTEST little SPACE!
When I saw it...I thought...I WISH I had a SPACE like that to do something with!
I just KNOW so many people have little hide~away spaces that look just like this!
The other day I was SKYPING with a good friend.
She was in her CRAFT room!
It was JAMMED packed!
I mean stuff was EVERY~WHERE!
Just know you are not the only one...for sure!
But I do believe you will LOVE~IT when you get rid of some of that stuff and create a SPACE That makes you SMILE!
It will be FUN to go through all of that stuff!

Twice as Nice said...

Too funny! What I do see in this space is so much potential. You need to get Sis over there and make a fun sister day out of it. You know the girl loves to paint.HA

I'm typing this in my office and I too have a mess. I always have good intentions first thing in the morning but as the day goes on...I start other project.

You should get on Etsy because you are are so talented and think of the extra Christmas money you will have!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

My name is Susie...can I join your club..ha!

vintage girl at heart said...

I have that very same disease!!!
I would love to join your group!!!
I went from a new house with a whole craft room to an older house of my dreams with almost no storage and no more craft room!!! Now I just have the stuff everywhere!!! ha ha!!!

It's Always Something Around Here said...

I have a little craft area upstairs that is so messy and disorganized. It has been on my to do list forever. You have motivated me to tackle it.

quinlyn said...

Wish I had just a room for all my "Stuff"...We did clean out the garage this weekend and got things reorganized and I was even given a few shelves and a corner..."GO ME!"....If you have ever watched "Hoarders" it really can get you motivated...HA! Have a great day and I do really love the room.. mess and all..just think a room to yourself..I love it!

Kerin said...

You crack me up :)
Rest assured ...... you are NOT alone. It seems that craft rooms are like laundry rooms; they have a life of their own, and breed when we're not looking ! One mess turns into two, then three...etc.
Most of my junk is packed up right now, but when it's not, I am a professional 'stuffer'. I stuff things into drawers and cabinets. Hiding it well :)
Hope you have a great day and get everything on your list accomplished :)

Sue said...

You are just too brave for posting this!! My whole house looks like this right now since I'm in the midst of getting all this fall decorating done. Everything is all over the floor, the beds, the tables, etc! LOL I finally broke down and took all my unfinished projects to GW last year when I cleaned out the attic and had a yard sale. Did I really think I'd get them all done? Have fun cleaning it all out, Missy. :-)
~ Sue

holly said...

My scrap studio is the SAME way. The entire house can be prestine, but don't dare open THAT door...the place where everything gets dumped! And right now I'm in the process of purging so it's even worse than usual!

Just a side note...
my email address and username on most sites is "queenbeeofscrap" and my blog name is "chronicles of a southern scrapper". pretty funny similarities, huh? :)

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Nice craft room!

Truthfully, my craft room is in perfect order...The sad reason why is because I haven't had time to use it. :( I so miss being creative!

The other day I bought some fabric and the lady cutting it asked what I was going to make out of it? My reply, "I'd like to make a apron with it or even make a cushion for my pew, but I know it's just going to look pretty where I store it with ALL the other fabric I have that's not being used!" :)

Can't wait to see your craft room update!


Bonnie said...

Oh no... you are most definitely not alone. On the up side? You did mention that it's upstairs... People can't easily see it when they come over. You can feel better by feeling a bit sorry for me, if you'd like. My house is a one story rambler...that means my craft room is on the same floor as everything else AND it has the added distinction of being right across the hall from a bathroom. ALL guests see my mess....unless I close the door. Then they ask about it... I see soooo much cute stuff you can do up there, though! Make a room to not only work in but be showing off!!! When are you off to Texas? Glorious, vintage shelving & cabinets... Ahhhhh... the possibilities!

Kathy said...

Way to go! Love your craft room!!!
That's just my style. I like how you have yours at the top of the house. Our attic isn't useable. Thanks for your comments about my vacation to Duluth and the fun, flowered bike I got to ride along the lake.

dogsmom said...

You are far from alone. Can we get it certified as a disease?
Your craft space does have a lot of potential and your heart seems to be in the right place.
Advice I can give (rather than take) is dedicate 1/2 hour a week just to putting things back on shelves and sorting by category. A clean space invites creativity...which in turn results in a space like you (and I) already have.