The Invisible Woman

Today as I celebrate my birthday, another chapter in my life, I was reflecting on all the things that I have yet unfinished.
Wondering why do I even try to make a difference, everyday someone is always complaining.    I hear   
" I NEED A TOWEL" ,   
Its OK, because if they just grow up to be responsible, God fearing adults, then I did my job!

Now as far as my OCD husband....pray for me. LOL

If you read my blog you will know I am not one to express my religious or political views,  but a friend sent this to me on Face Book and I just had to share, because the message just touched me.  
I know I can not be the only one who wonders,
"Just what is my calling?"   It might have been here all the time.

This message is powerful!
PLEASE take a few moments to watch!


Susie from Bienvenue said...

Happy Birthday Miss. I loved this message...and I love you! You have a big purpose in of them just so happens to be my wonderful big sister :)

Kimberly-mytoesareclaustrophobic said...

Missy, this is wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing it with your friends in the blogosphere.

Also, looks like you're the birthday girl. Happy, happy day to you. Hope it is filled with all the things you love.


Wendy said...

I am so happy you shared this with us. Perfect timing, just what I needed to hear.

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! Hope it is filled with everything sweet and special :)

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Happy Birthday! I hear you, our job is never done and seems to a thankless one as well.Just try to be selfish a day here and there for yourself it helps make the rest worth it.Enjoy~Cheers Kim

Kerin said...

Happy Happy Birthday to wonderful you!!
Great message!! And a great reminder and encouraging tool for us moms that really do feel invisible sometimes.
You are so thoughtful to share, and it sure brightened my day.
Sorry for being MIA.... we've been running and chasing to the Dr.s and hospitals trying to get 'baby boy' up and literally running again. I promise, I will try not to be your worst blog reader ever.
Have a wonderful day!!

Paula said...

Wow! Awesome video!!

Paula said...

Good grief- I am so dumb! I forgot to wish you Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to the Queen Bee!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Hey you... Happy Belated Birthday!


Kerin said...

Just wanted to stop by and say 'HI', and let you know that I am thinking about you.
Hope that all is well, and that everyone is healthy.
Have a great weekend :)